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Our Mission

At OnsiteGene, we speed up life science and healthcare and enable ultra-sensitive testing.

Life Science Research in Minutes

Enabling scientists to speed up their discovery and validate their innovative ideas are at the core of what we do. Using open-platform superfast PCR, OnsiteGene aims to work with researchers to speed up their experiments in gene expression under different conditions, a sequence of fast experiment that leads to final discovery, fast validation of drug targets and biological response over a large parameter space.

Healthcare in Minutes

Saving patients suffering, anxiety, and inconvenience in medical diagnostics and treatment is what we care about. In diagnostics and treatment, OnsiteGene brings down disease testing time from hours to minutes that enables fast testing and immediate treatment at the same site and same time. Making such testing-treatment a close-loop event at the point of care is an exciting mission we strive for to minimize patient suffering.

Industrial and Environmental Protection in Minutes

As a company of strong social responsibility, OnsiteGene is conscious of its contributions to a clean and sustainable living environment for people. OnsiteGene's 5-minute PCR technology is developed to conduct superfast testing of bacteria and viruses that contaminate our water sources and water production and distribution network, fast testing of food and beverage contaminations, as well as border control and biodefense.

Ultra-sensitivity Testing
on a Cartridge

Higher sensitivity of detecting pathogens and cancers like liquid biopsy is at the core of the healthcare services. Derived from the benefit of the superfast qPCR, OnsiteGene developed an ultra-sensitive nucleic acid test with automated multiple PCR runs on a cartridge which it further integrated with nucleic acid extraction. This includes multiplex nested PCR of multiple target enrichment. Our unique cartridge operation removes not only manual operation during test, but also manual work before test including those manual work to prepare the cartridge and transfer sample from a sample tube to the cartridge.

About OnsiteGene

As a leader for innovative solutions in life science research, industrial testing, and diagnostics, OnsiteGene’s superfast nucleic acid testing technology has set a benchmark in superfast genetic testing and disease diagnostics, that leads to a wide spectrum of innovation in medical research and healthcare solutions. Operating in US, Singapore and China, OnsiteGene is a leading scientific instrument and reagent company with comprehensive technical capabilities in product research, manufacturing and marketing of life science instruments, biological reagents and IVD kits.

Our flagship product, XDive 5-min qPCR instrument has been selected for the National Institutes of Health (NIH) RADx program in US. Another product in our pipeline, PeakV, is poised to provide ultra-sensitive cartridge-type sample-to-answer nucleic acid testing. We aim to revolutionize infectious disease testing and liquid biopsy testing with PeakV with unprecedented user convenience and ultra-sensitivity in POCT and laboratories.

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