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Making sample-to-answer tests easily accessible to all users and assay developers
  • Experience a seamless transition from manual to automated testing
    PeakV's next-generation cartridge technology allows users to open the instrument's cartridge, load their own reagents and assays, and readily convert their manual, laboratory-based tests into fully automated, high-performance sample-to-answer tests for nearly all types of samples. This easy conversion from manual to automated testing can be accomplished by regular lab users or assay development companies without OnsiteGene's supervision.
  • Achieve rapid nucleic acid testing
    With OnsiteGene's innovative superfast PCR that takes less than 10 minutes, the turnaround time (TAT) on the PeakV instrument is significantly reduced. Our fast sample and cartridge handling protocol takes just around 10 seconds prior to running the instrument. Our cartridge can adapt to various extraction protocols, ranging from those taking 15 seconds to 5 minutes, to those performing comprehensive magnetic beads extraction with multiple purification steps.
  • Extreme ease of use
    Transition from conventional lab work to self-testing without the need for a manual. To run a test on PeakV, a user isn't required to handle sample liquid, reagent, or cartridge before inserting the sample-loaded cartridge into the PeakV instrument. There's no need to open the sample tube to transfer the liquid to the cartridge. Instead, users can simply drop the capped sample tube they received into the instrument without opening the cap, minimizing the chance of mishandling or sample spillage.
  • Achieve the highest detection sensitivity for small and large panels
    PeakV features an integrated nested PCR module to achieve the highest test detection sensitivity and specificity. For a large panel test (up to 64 targets), PeakV performs an integrated pre-amplification to ensure there's no compromise in the detection sensitivity of a large panel test.
  • Access ultra low-cost sample-to-answer nucleic acid testing for all
    With our next-generation cartridge technology, the PeakV cartridge offers comprehensive capabilities and high performance at an extremely low cost, benefiting all clinical-based or research-based users. This reflects our vision to make high-quality molecular tests affordable and accessible to all.
  • PeakV: A versatile platform for all your testing needs
    Thanks to its open-assay and versatile test protocol capabilities, PeakV can handle everything from magnetic beads extraction to nested PCR and programmable pre-amplification for large panel tests. It can accommodate all types of samples, from swabs, blood, sputum, urine, to tissues, and can integrate with typical laboratory tools like centrifuges and beads beaters. Thus, PeakV provides a powerful, cost-effective, and flexible automated test platform for everyone, from lab users to assay development companies.
Our Product
The PeakV™ Instrument propels you into a new epoch of molecular testing:​
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OnsiteGene is actively pursuing collaborations with PCR assay developers and test labs to introduce new tests on PeakV for both clinical and non-clinical applications.

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