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Xtractor™ Instrument

Xtractor Instrument


Xtractor™ Instrument: 5-minute superfast nucleic acid extractor

OnsiteGene's Xtractor™ 5-Minute Nucleic Acid Extractor is a small, portable, fully automated nucleic acid extraction device compatible with ultra-fast and conventional magnetic bead methods. It can complete DNA/RNA extraction from 1-16 respiratory samples in 5 minutes, while maintaining the sensitivity and purity performance of conventional nucleic acid extraction. In combination with OnsiteGene's XDive 5-minute qPCR system, superfast qPCR assays of up to 16 samples (from sample to result) can be completed in less than 12 minutes, providing moderate sample throughput and fastest productivity in industry. Xtractor™ can also rapidly process other typical sample types, such as blood, plasma, sputum, urine, and feces.

Key Product Highlights of Xtractor™


  • Rapid: Nucleic acid extraction and purification of 1-16 respiratory tract samples in 5 minutes.

  • Flexible: Supports nucleic acid extraction from 1-16 samples per run.

  • Convenient: Built-in a variety of extraction programs, one-click retrieval to complete the extraction operation.

  • Small: Compact in size and easy to carry, it is convenient to meet the sample processing needs in various scenarios.

  • User friendly: Optionally, comes with single-sample tube pre-encapsulated and 16-sample wellplate pre-encapsulated extraction reagents.

  • With XDive, 10-minute "sample-to-result" molecular detection of 1-16 respiratory samples can be achieved.

Xtractor™ Instrument Specifications

Sample throughput

1 to 16 sample throughput

Sample processing volume

20 to 1,200 μl

Magnetic bead recovery

> 98%

Heating temperature

Supports pyrolysis heating/elution heating 40-100°C

Oscillation mixing speed

Multi-mode and multi-gear adjustment, supporting 6 speed modes

Extraction precision

CV<3% (2*LoD concentration sample 20 extractions, calculated according to the detected Ct value)

Contamination control

Built-in UV disinfection module

System interface

Touch-screen operation, real-time running status

System parameters

Flexible and open, support user-defined and editable extraction programs

Program management

Programs can be managed in groups and 120 extraction programs can be stored

Maximum noise

≤ 55dB(A)



The software is designed for seamless and efficient operation. Integrated directly within the instrument, it features an intuitive interface for straightforward operation, allowing users to effortlessly customize extraction protocols. The software is also built to accommodate on-demand upgrades, ensuring that your system remains at the forefront of technology. For a comprehensive understanding of all the features and step-by-step guidance, users are encouraged to consult the detailed user manual.



Superfast magnetic bead method nucleic acid extraction kit

The kit can complete nucleic acid extraction from respiratory samples in less than 5 minutes. Used with XDive instrument to complete 'sample to result' molecular testing of various types of samples within 30 minutes, including blood, saliva, and feces.

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Services and Support

Services and Support



1. What is the pricing of Xtractor™ instrument and its accessaries? 
Please submit your inquiry via the order page.

2. How is the delivery time of Xtractor™ instrument?

8 weeks.

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