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XDive™ Instrument

OnsiteGene has developed a series of genetic testing devices involving qPCR machines and related reagents. We have a full-fledged multidisciplinary engineering, software, and reagent development team to readily develop new design and applications for our customers. Additionally, the RUO device can now be supplied to collaborators.


The XDive™ superfast real-time PCR system offers state-of-the art technology, user-friendly software, and affordable superfast PCR consumables and reagents. Unlike a traditional PCR system, XDive™ uses an unique patented thermal cycling technology utilizing Artificial Intelligence that can not only achieve ultra-fast heating and cooling but also achieve high precision at target temperatures required for PCR. Integrating superfast thermal cycling, superfast fluorescent imaging, and medium throughput design, our system is the fastest and most flexible of its kind - with the capability of completing a 40-cycle multiplex qPCR run in just 5-7 minutes. It possesses the following unique features:

1.    Superfast thermal cycling with precise temperature control


The instrument contains proprietary thermal blocks with liquid metal material to quickly and evenly raise or lower the reaction temperature at the ramping rate of 87°C/s for heating and 62°C/s for cooling. The reaction temperature is precisely controlled in thermal blocks by premium sensors for best accuracy and reproducibility.

The XDive superfast real-time PCR instrument can complete 40 thermal cycles in as short as 5 minutes with precise temperature control. The actual thermocycling time can be adjusted according to the application requirements. 

Graph A.png

2. Superfast fluorescent imaging with multiplexing capability

The fluorescent signal excitation and detection are conducted by a LED light source and 4 dye filters in the optical detection chamber for multiplex analysis. Images of all samples and channels can be scanned in a couple of seconds. The optical system is upgradable to 6 channels to increase the multiplexing capability.

3. Excellent Reproducibility


With innovative engineering design and  AI-enabled system control, XDive obtained excellent reproducibility.  The same sample (FluA/B/RSV plasmid) was tested for consecutive 4 days, one test per day. All tests have been done in 6 minutes. The samples were divided into high concentration, medium concentration, and low concentration groups.

Reproducibility test results of 40-cycle reaction in 367 seconds

40 cycles with 95°C for 0 sec and 60°C for 0 sec


4. Medium throughput with excellent uniformity

The instrument can perform up to 16 superfast reactions (upgradable to 32 reactions) in each experiment. The users are able to run small batch of samples in flexible schedules, and do not need to change their standard workflow for preparation. 

Uniformity test results of 40-cycle reaction in 395 seconds, FluA/B/RSV plasmid

samples in 16 tubes, 40 cycles with 95°C for 0 sec and 60°C for 0 sec

5. Compact design for benchtop use

With the size of a desktop computer, the XDive™ instrument can be placed on any laboratory bench for convenience of usage.

6. Faster but not more expensive

Users experience the superfast performances at the comparable price of a standard real-time PCR system.

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