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OnsiteGene possesses design and manufacture capability for both genetic testing instruments and reagents and we are happy to provide contract R&D service to our customers based on their unique technical specifications. 

Over the past three decades, the real-time PCR technology has revolutionized the biological science with its sensitive and reliable performances, easy-to-use and to-automate workflow, and vast range of applications. Now,  we are making this legend even better, i.e. faster. The OnsiteGene XDive™ Superfast Real-Time PCR system was developed to complete 40 thermal cycling reactions and fluorescent signal detections in as short as 5 minutes while remaining the same performances and workflow as the standard real-time PCR machine. 

This superfast system incorporates the most advanced engineering breakthroughs with the traditional reaction tube format and widely used TaqManTM assay to provide an open platform for research and industrial users. Existing real-time PCR applications can be easily transferred to the new system to significantly improve productivity, flexibility, and cost efficiency. New superfast real-time PCR applications, such as molecular point-of-care testing, biosafety and biosecurity testing, agriculture and animal health testing, food safety inspection, and environmental testing, can also be developed on the XDive™ system to meet the requirements of the next generation nucleic acid analysis to be on-time, on-site, and even on-line. 

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