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OnsiteGene has developed or is developing a series of PCR assays for the diagnosis of different infectious diseases. The XDive™ system uses 16 reaction tubes and TaqMan™ assay chemistry to conduct the amplification reactions. Both the consumables and the reagents are optimized for the superfast running conditions. These consumables and the reagents are reliable and affordable.

Same sensitivity as standard realtime PCR

The XDive™ system provides unique chemistry to maintain high PCR sensitivity even during superfast thermo cycling. The sensitivity is as good as any leading brand of standard real-time PCR machine which takes over 60 minutes to finish 40 cycles.

Comparison between XDive and a leading brand real-time qPCR machine (FluA/B/RSV plasmid sample)


45-cycle in 7 minutes from XDive


 45-cycle in 52 minutes from a leading brand qPCR machine 

Direct amplification capability to eliminate the need of sample preparation

The XDive™ chemistry has excellent inhibitor resistance to enable superfast direct PCR and RT-PCR. User can generate good amplification result without the effort to extract and purify nucleic acid from the specimen.

Direct qPCR with spiked FluA/B/RSV in 20% sputum sample

10ul reaction volume for 45 cycles with 95°C for 0s and 60°C for 2s


​Reaction tubes, the most reliable format for PCR

Unlike other fast PCR technologies such as microfluid card or open array, our reaction tubes are easy to be manufactured with consistent quality. They are designed to hold larger reaction volume (up to 20 µL) that can generate better results with high accuracy and repeatability. The tubes are made with DNA/RNA free materials with excellent thermal conductivity required by the superfast reaction. They are supplied with tube holders and seals, and are easy to be handled by the users without changing their standard workflow. The open platform allows users to add their own chemistries for research and development purpose, and to use single or multiple tubes in each run as needed.

Superfast enzyme and master mix  for DNA and RNA analysis

The XDive™ system provides basic reagents for TaqMan™ assay reactions, including the superfast polymerase and reverse transcriptase, as well as superfast qPCR and RT-qPCR master mixes.  These reagents are optimized for the superfast run conditions and provide the best amplification results for nucleic acid analysis. They also have the capability to perform direct amplification reactions for certain applications.

Pre-loaded application kits for convenience of usage

In some of our nucleic acid analysis application kits, the basic superfast reagents are pre-filled and lyophilized in the reaction tubes to provide convenience of usage and reduce the experimental variability. Users only need to add sample solutions into the tubes before running on the instrument.

Lower the running cost with standard consumables and reagents

Our reaction tubes and TaqMan™ assay reagents are the standard in the field. They are cheaper to be manufactured than other fast PCR methods. The XDive™ customers can enjoy the benefits of the superfast performances at the cost of a regular qPCR system.

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