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PeakV™ Instrument

Sponsored by the NIH RADx initiative, OnsiteGene Inc. has developed “PeakV”, the world's first ultra-sensitive, ultra-fast, Open-Assay, large sample volume, large PCR array multiplexing, and sample-to-answer PCR instrument. PeakV enables ultra-fast thermal cycling (40 cycles in as short as 5 minutes), fully automated nested PCR and magnetic beads based nucleic acid extraction. PeakV can achieve increased sensitivity and specificity of a PCR test by an order of magnitude or more in a shorter running time than a regular qPCR. The low cost, contamination free Open-Assay Cartridge of PeakV has a universal assay capability, allowing third party assay developers to make their own sample-to-answer cartridge-based PCR array multiplexing nucleic acid tests free from any instrument and cartridge design restrictions.


PeakV is a fully automated sample-to-answer PCR instrument with sample preparation (RNA/DNA magnetic beads extraction/purification) and open sample-to-answer system features. PeakV is an expansion of the superfast XDive instrument with the following enhancements:

1.   Open sample-to-answer system (1st in the world): an open sample-to-answer platform with the ability to utilize any Taqman assay in a sample in answer out application;

2.   Contamination Free: fully sealed cartridge technology ensures no contamination during operation;

3.   Large PCR multiplexing of 64 targets through a PCR array of 16 tubes and 4 optical channels;

4.   Zero hands-on work: free from liquid handling and cap opening operation on sample tubes, fully automated magnetic beads sample preparation to PCR results;

5.   Superfast test: sample to answer in less than 30 minutes;

6.   All types of samples: swabs, saliva, blood, feces, urine, tissue, etc.;

7.   Ultra-fast qPCR: 40 thermal cycles in as short as 5 minutes.

Demo of PeakV Workflow for Users

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