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Peak V

OnsiteGene Inc. is developing a series of genetic testing devices that involving qPCR machine and related reagents.

Peak V™, the superfast sample-to-answer nucleic acid analyzer, runs a cartridge-based qPCR panel test in less than 10 minutes. It has the following unique features:

1.    Superfast and Precision Heating and Cooling with superfast multi-channel fluorescent imaging


Unlike a traditional PCR system, the Peak V™ uses an unique patented thermal cycling technology utilizing Artificial Intelligence (AI) can not only achieve ultra-fast heating and cooling but also achieve high precision at target temperature required for PCR. It typically completes a 40-cycle multiplex qPCR run in 5 to 7 minutes.

40 cycle thermocycling  plot and amplification plot from Peak V superfast PCR system 

The 40 cycle thermocycling profile with a setting of 95°C for 0 sec and 60°C for 4 sec was completed within 250 sec (the cycle time of 6.25 sec). 

2. Syndromic panel testing capability


Peak V™ can test over 100 targets for each sample in a qPCR panel which is a part of its cartridge. This enables many nextgen "sample to answer" applications including superfast pathogen panel testing, onsite genotyping and gene expression. PCR reaction volume for each target is up to 20µL.


3. Open reagent platform ready for third party assay developers


Our universal reagent stored in our cartridge allows a third-party PCR assay to be adopted in Peak V™ readily. This feature opens an avenue for assay development companies in both clinical diagnostics and applied testing to make their conventional applications super-fast and on-site.

In addition, the company has a full-fledged multidisciplinary engineering, software, and reagent development team to readily develop new design and applications for our customers. Also, the RUO device can be supplied to collaborators.