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About Us

OnsiteGene Inc., a San Diego-based biomedical technology company, is revolutionizing the field of genetic testing with its open-assay integrated sample prep and superfast qPCR with a large multiplexing panel of up to 64 targets capable of integrated nested PCR and pre-amplification without manual steps by a user. The company's groundbreaking innovative work in open-assay sample-to-answer nucleic acid testing instrument with superfast qPCR of less than 10 minutes, PeakV™, is powered by its mission:


“Making superfast sample-to-answer test easily

accessible to all users and assay developers”


and guided by a vision:

“Easy, superfast, and accurate molecular tests

available anywhere, anytime, and affordable to all”


Users can readily convert their manual tests to automated sample-to-answer tests on PeakV with a minimum effort on their own. The resulting automated workflow with chemical lysis, physical lysis or magnetic beads extraction, allows PeakV to complete a test with TAT (TurnAround Time) from 10 to 30 minutes with a superfast PCR for a DNA sample in 7 minutes and an RNA sample in 9 minutes. Being an open-assay platform, PeakV is open to accommodate users’ own PCR reagents and assay, and we will assist users to complete the manual-to-auto assay conversion.


Moreover, an innovative cartridge used on PeakV can be manufactured at a substantially lower cost than a regular microfluidics cartridges used in the field. The cartridge contains sample processing reagent and PCR reagent with a panel of up to 16 PCR tubes to conduct multiplexing test of up to 64 targets with integrated nested PCR and pre-amplification.


This technology has been selected for the National Institutes of Health (NIH) RADx program. OnsiteGene together with Star Array Pte Ltd in Singapore are currently manufacturing and marketing the PeakV™ superfast qPCR and sample-to-answer testing platform, which offers best ease of use and requires no manual liquid handling steps from a user. With a turn-around-time of less than 30 minutes requiring no hands-on time for liquid handling with sample or cartridge, and the highest reference lab-quality results in detection sensitivity, the PeakV platform is poised to elevate Point- Of-Care Testing (POCT) and clinical lab testing to the next height. Due to its user reconfigurable cartridges and programmable assay protocol, PeakV can also find many applications in research labs and non-clinical testing labs.


The following picture summarizes 5 key application drivers for PeakV:


The company also developed XDive™ , a superfast real-time PCR system completes 40 PCR cycles with real-time imaging in as little as 5 minutes. It completes 40 cycle single or multiplex low-copy DNA testing in 7 minutes, and low-copy multiplex RNA testing in 9 minutes, at the same detection sensitivity as that on a leading brand of qPCR machine performing the same assay in 45 minutes. The company is now manufacturing and marketing this instrument and related reagents.

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